The power of a question.

Our line of work consists in the research art of new possibilities, to express an architecture embodied in its elements, relationships, and in the principle of its design and evolution.

Our quest is the perpetual questioning of the sense of space (sense of ownership and allocation of space), in adequacy with the study of a system (relationship between the different components within a global functioning).
Auto interrogation feeds creativity.

The taste for quick solutions, the rhythm of life and the need to have rapid answers, do not allow a profound research.

The systematic study and the relation between the different components of the global functioning, often bump into the intricate terrain reality.

The contemporary attachment to answers and the fear of the unknown, is a brake to deep creativity and new visions.
“No problem can be solved, at the same level of reflection, that the one where the problem was created.”

There is a change in the reflection system of a question, if the solution exists only outside that system. When facing a challenging architectural problematic, finding the best answer consists in finding the best question.

F I R M . D E S C R I P T I O N

”Our aim is to redefine architecture as we conceive it today; the missing link between art and progress. Based on a philosophy that would engender a new breed of concepts through design,our work is a reflection of our ideas, a technical pace, yet a sustainable one, impressive and affordable.”

Today Patrick Boustani is proud to present a selection of its achievements in multiple domains, such as interior design, landscape and architecture.

The projects scale can vary from small apartments to multi-use complex projects.

The firm is located in Beirut, it managed to target various countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Patrick Boustani’s work goes from Lebanon to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Angola, and Nigeria.



Christine Papazian
Reine Irani
Roua Horanie
Hamid Katrib
Ricardo Traboulsi
Lea Bou Sader
Roger Saad
Joelle Aoun
Jennifer El Hajj
Vanessa Rizkallah
Maria Akl
Khaled Makarem
Georges Daou
Nicholas Moussa
Anthony Assaad
Audrey Jbeily
Rana Fany
Karim Baradei
Michel Nicodeme
Anna Maria Aoun
Jehanne Zaidan
Nadim Abi Chahine
Sahar Safiyedine
Elie Makhoul
Jad Nassif
Ziad Kahale


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